Policy Positions 

Economic Recovery

Folsom’s economy has been affected by COVID-19 in many ways. Loss of revenue to hard-working business owners and employees across all sectors, business closures, reductions to City revenues through the loss of sales tax, and depressed economic conditions are all taking a toll on the City. I have experienced these issues personally as the owner of a small business in Folsom.

As a council member, I would focus closely on finding ways to increase City revenues before cutting services and programs. I would also work with other organizations to encourage residents to shop local; and to promote shopping, dining, and other retail opportunities to consumers outside of our region.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement 

The job of a police officer is harder today than ever before, and the scrutiny that law enforcement faces has never been greater.  The Folsom Police department has done an exceptional job in protecting our community and I will continue to support them and the employees who serve. Retaining our city employees and funding our public safety services is a high priority for me.

As a City, we must be in a position to recruit the best employees to work for us, and to do that we must have the necessary equipment, competitive wages, and a stable City. Our highest priority must be to keep our community safe and be able to respond to law enforcement and fire emergencies.

Development & Growth

Well-planned and managed growth is one of the hallmarks of Folsom. Over the decades, new communities have been developed, each bringing a diverse mix of residents, businesses, and opportunities that keep Folsom one of the best-rated cities to live in and raise a family.

The next council must continue to ensure that future growth is appropriately paced and adds to the City’s vibrancy. I support development that is closely considered and well-executed.

Homelessness and Mental Health

The complexities of homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse cannot be understated. Folsom is seeing more frequent issues related to all three of these issues in recent years. There are resources within Folsom for those who seek it, but more needs to be done, in particular with unhoused individuals with ongoing mental health issues.

If elected, I will request to be appointed to the Sacramento Homeless Commission and commit to being a voice for Folsom for this growing problem.

Traffic & Circulation

Like many growing and active cities, Folsom experiences periodic vehicular traffic congestion, particularly at peak times and in certain key intersections. This results in some increased wait times at signals, which can be frustrating. Transportation planning must strike a balance between the demands of peak and off-peak use (otherwise resulting in a massively overbuilt system and accompanying maintenance costs).

As a council member, I would support continuing to optimize roadway signalization timing, identifying new circulation patterns, providing regular improvements such as repaving and buffered bike lane markings, and promoting alternative transportation and transit options throughout the City.

Transparency in Government

I believe all council members and city staff serve the public - the residents of our City. They are accountable to the citizens.

As a council member, I would actively foster two-way communication, improved community outreach, opportunities for resident input, and finding new ways to engage, educate, and involve residents in the decision-making process.

Rosario is eager to hear from old friends and meet new friends as she works toward her goal of winning a seat on the Folsom City Council.

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